Monday, January 19, 2009

StyleList Interview!

We made it to the big time! Writer Mallory Whitfield wrote about our book, webs and Etsy shop for StyleList Magazine Blog. When I first found this site I spent hours there!

Here's our interview...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great Homemade Table

I was browsing the creations at Instructables and I found this great table. If you have space in your sewing room for a free standing table (or even if it were pushed into a corner) this looks like a wonderful table for cutting and (with a pressing mat) maybe even pressing yardage. I want one!

Best of all, all the instructions for building it are right on the site! If you have not visited Instructables yet click on over and get inspired and if you have a woodworker or carpenter in your house, send the link to this table and get busy making room for it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Fabric Withdrawal

How long can you go without sewing or quilting? I have not sewn or quilted since mid October! I was starting to think that I was cured. Then it hit. Two days of not sleeping well, feeling out of sorts and then *fabric attack*! It's worse than an allergy attack :)

I want to touch it, wash it, iron it, spray it with starch and cut it and then mix it all up and sew it! So, tell me, how long can you go? The Stashbusters Group on Yahoo! has a saying, "find 15 minutes to sew each day". Do I listen? No, I let it build up like swollen river at a dam! Okay, gotta go, projects and UFO's are calling!