Thursday, December 18, 2008

My Blogging Evolution

I never thought I'd like blogging, but I am more of a writer and show off than I had imagined. I have about 20 blogs started, plus a few lenses at Squidoo, and it feels messy. I love Google and Blogspot has been very good for me in terms of learning how to blog and making me curious about other blogging platforms, and CSS and now PHP. More than I planned on learning but I am enjoying it!

I've learned that not all blogging platforms are the same, a lot of features are more rich on Wordpress, although Blogspot holds the key to blogrolling! What it all means is that I have found that Squidoo is good for having something to say that doesn't change (how-to), Blogspot is great for continual updates along one tangent (lifeblog, workblog, eventblog) and Wordpress is good for both. So, I've been learning Wordpress and been slowly migrating in that direction.

The thing is, my blogging is changing too. Direction and style.

I am learning about video blogging; I've written a novel and a half; I want to make the art quilts I've been sketching for ten years; I want a blog where I can write about it all - with video updates, downloadable tips/patterns, static page tutorials as well as updates on life in general.

I spend (waste?) a LOT of time on the internet and find cool (exciting, "hot" whatever your word is) stuff and I want to post about that too - -and the super neat people that I find on the net.

So, my blogging is going to change and it's not all going to be quilting. It may or may not be interesting to you so I am not going to force a re-direct. It's your choice if you want to see what I am up to.

I call it Marguerita's Mess - - welcome to my world.

PS. I used to write my opinions on a separate blog - now they are all integrated on one, so you get the nice with the naughty. Fair warning :)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Easiest Ever Half Square Triangles

My friend Trish Stuart has a new video and I've never seen this technique before! Take a look and let me know what you think or comment to the video on YouTube or go to Trish's website and let her know :) And be sure to pop in on her new blog! She's just getting started so wish her well!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Staying in Touch with Yahoo! and Webcams

My granddaughter and I are trying out some new technology. Sometimes we just have to see each other but we can't always drive the 125 miles through Alaskan wilderness to be face to face. Actually, she can't drive anywhere since she's just 2 years old. So, we bought webcams.

They aren't great and the lag time takes getting used to, but when she blows me a kiss she can see that she gets one back right away.

This might be a good way to stay in touch if you can't make the trip to see your family as often as you want. Email me if you want the details, but the basics are 2 cheap webcams with built in microphones, Yahoo! instant messenger and patience.