Wednesday, May 28, 2008

NQR stands for Not Quilting Related

I've been a busy gal since coming back from Portland Quilt Market! The boats still need work & maintenance and that is first priority in our lives. So, it's been the usual routine of scrubbing the fish hold, mending nets, launching skiffs and stocking the big boat with groceries and supplies.

The jitney is in the driveway (what a sight!) so that we can repair hydraulic lines, the ram for the power block and the hatch covers.

And then there is my pal Vanta's new bookstore! When I haven't been working on boats I've been at Vanta's store, helping with inventory and painting the interior and exterior of the business. She's going to call it Cover To Cover (isn't that cute?) and she hopes to be open for business in the next few weeks in downtown Seward, Alaska.

All this is in addition to my "day job" - the one that pays the travel bills and fabric expenses - lol! I hope your spring & early summer are just as much fun or more :)

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