Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Tundra Swans and Cygnets

I love learning new things and that's one reason that I subscribe to the Alaska Science Forum Newsletter . Today's newsletter was about Tundra Swans and it included this photo by Ned Rozell, who often writes the newsletter and supplies the photos. I learn something new with every edition, and am never bored. Aren't these babies the cutest? Almost as cute as baby bunnies :)

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Rainma said...

I viewed your You Tube video on pulling up your bobbin thread. You did an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating the technique and why this should be done. As an instructor myself, I give you an A+ for audio and visual.
As a quilter, I wish someone had told me this sooner, maybe I wouldn't have pulled my hair out with my thread bird nesting all the time.
Great job!