Monday, May 4, 2009

Diannia made her first Crazy Shortcut Quilt!

It's queen size (do you believe that - she's new to quilting!) for her son Brad.

She and I have been emailing and chatting, sharing stories and ideas, and I think I am going to try and talk her into blogging.... (I am SO bad - I do that to *so many* quilters - -but when they blog I can keep up with them and their projects and their lives and I LOVE it!!!)

So, Diannia (prounounced Diana) lives in California, works for a University, has a son named Brad and she's learning to love quilting. Now, don't you want to know more? I do!

UPDATE!! - Diannia has a blog Let's go check it out!


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...


The quilt is beautiful!!!

I have a queen sizeish one started. All I have to do is the sashing and I am afraid to do it.

Laura said...

Very nice - love the colors! Great job!

Diannia said...

Psssst I DO have a blog! Ok, so I haven't kept up w/it lately but I do have's at I'll try to get it updated soon. It didn't seem like anyone was reading it BUT if people start to visit me I'll be more inclined to write...hint hint. It even has a very old picture of me on it.

I loved making the quilt and believe it or not my son helped me pick out the fabric. Ok so I drug him to the LQS...he sure didn't mind spending mom's cash on the end he was really getting into picking and choosing the fabric. The only time we parted ways and I put my foot down was when he wanted camouflage for the backing. NO way was I spending $180 for him to flip the thing so the camo would be what showed! I have more to say but hey how about if I BLOG it?!

charity said...

Firstly the quilt looks nice...and the adventure of getting into quilting sounds interesting too.