Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Under the stairs, part 2

Except for the trim work and organizing the shelves, this project is done! Instead of a deep, dark closet, we have an open, accessible storage area with most of the heavy things on rollers! (That was Tom's idea.)

The large white shelf that is where the doorway used to be is on rollers, the big 4-drawer file cabinet behind it is on rollers, the small plastic organizing bins are on rollers and hidden in the back, under the treads of the stairs is 6 cases of jars (for fish and jelly) and huge containers of sugar - all on a rolling pallet.

This space is for stuff we use once or twice a year, but which is very useful to us. Also tucked in there is the carpet shampoo machine. I left the small bins in front because that's the stuff we use the most (paper, pens, envelopes).

Where you see the angle cut on the wall used
to be a solid wall, but it was superficial and it kept the space narrow and difficult to use. Stuff got pushed into the closet and never returned. I painted the floor (concrete cement basement floor) and when the house is empty for a few days (except for myself) I'll paint the stairs to match. The white shelf is not very organized, but it's still so much of an improvement that we are happy! Now I have to get back to scraping off the kitchen floor...I've been avoiding that project!

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