Sunday, September 28, 2008

250 Quilties

...5" square, give or take a quarter inch.... Sarah and I make these for Quilt Market, which we will be attending in less than a month. This year we will have a Take & Teach on Sunday morning as well as a few "in-booth" demos through the weekend and a Schoolhouse session on Thursday. Notice my blue foam quilting table? :)

I have enjoyed a wonderful fall weekend, full of sun, fabric and quilting, while Tom and his son have been building a shed for a friend. Tom is in his truck, answering a call and is son is inside the building...


MYRA said...

Interesting construction of a sewing table... Is it working well for you? The foam insulation doesn't shift?

MMM said...

Hi Myra,

No, the foam never shifts and I absolutely love that it gives me a strong, flat surface. It's covered with a thick, clear vinyl film that is smooth and that also keeps everything in place. I love it so much that I take it traveling with me! The table height is *very* low so that the actual surface that I am using (once the foam is added) is very ergonomically correct for me, and that helps me quilt for longer periods of time. My 'poor man's' quilting table :)