Saturday, September 20, 2008

Midarm Machine Quilting Class

I teach quilting on a midarm machine whenever I can and at the Valdez Quilt Festival I was invited to teach this class twice. I really enjoy showing quilters why I love this system more than the longarm :)

I've owned both a longarm and midarm system and quilted on the home sewing machine as well, so I try to give the students a full perspective on all three but the class really is about using one of these new, quilt friendly, frame quilting machines. Here's a pic from my Thursday class.

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MYRA said...

That is sooooo awesome that you do that, and wonderful that you enjoy it!
I wish there was someone around here that would teach, show the differences, etc, about machine quilting here. It is such a big purchase for one to make, and it would be great if a person could make a really informed decision once trying each out separately...
Happy stitchings, and have a great weekend!