Monday, December 1, 2008

Staying in Touch with Yahoo! and Webcams

My granddaughter and I are trying out some new technology. Sometimes we just have to see each other but we can't always drive the 125 miles through Alaskan wilderness to be face to face. Actually, she can't drive anywhere since she's just 2 years old. So, we bought webcams.

They aren't great and the lag time takes getting used to, but when she blows me a kiss she can see that she gets one back right away.

This might be a good way to stay in touch if you can't make the trip to see your family as often as you want. Email me if you want the details, but the basics are 2 cheap webcams with built in microphones, Yahoo! instant messenger and patience.


Granny's Closet said...

Actually, I am actually thinking of doing this--get the web cam thing so I can see the grandkids more in wyoming. I sure do miss them.

karenfae said...

I like you blog, interesting photo's of Alaska and your quilts.

Rainma said...

When my hubby moved to Washington and we were separated by miles and states from 11/06-06/07, the web cam became out nightly family routine. If one of the grandchildren was upset, they could call PaPa and see him right away!

Deb H said...

Sounds great. I may have to try it/