Friday, February 20, 2009

Going shopping for fabric - yay!

I'll be in Anchorage for a short period over the weekend and I get to go to my quilt shop! I *love* it there! I always bump into someone I know and I get to look at all the great new fabrics and get inspired by the projects on the walls. Since it is a 5 hour round trip (driving) it's a big deal to make this trip and a rare treat to have enough time to visit the quilt shop :)

I finished my Funky, Fuzzy squares and I need some sashing for them and I need sashing for another project (photos and video coming soon!). If I fall in love with a stiletto, I may even treat myself to one! Right now I use my seam ripper or a long, strong hat pin but I've always admired Eleanor Burn's stiletto and it sure would have helped when I was couching down that fuzzy yarn. Since I really liked that project and want to do more like it, I just think I *need* a stilletto, don't you? Do you have one? How do you use yours?


Amy, a redeemed sheep said...

I probably need one, too...Except for one small detail. I have no idea what it is! *wink* Do you have a picture you could share? When I Google, I get shoes an I have a feeling that is not what yo are talking about.

Have a great and safe trip!!!

MMM said...

Hi Amy! A stiletto can be a dagger (old english usage) from Wiki --- but in quilting it is about a 5" long narrow piece of metal with a sharpish point at the end. For machine quilting it helps keep your pieces under the presser foot (instead of using your fingers) and is safer than using fingers - - people can accidentally sew through their fingers!!!

So, all I have found so far are bamboo skewers. I want a metal one with something pretty at the non-business end. Since I really like to "want" something for a while (makes me appreciate it more) I believe that I'll take my time finding just the right one :)

Oh, found one on Eleanor Burns' website - -still not quite what I want....

Still, I *did* have a great time at the quilt shop :)