Monday, February 23, 2009

My Super Sunday

Granny's Closet, Jodi, Judy W, Desertsky & Garnet Rose, I *did* go out for a wonderful walk yesterday, after everyone's urging and it was GREAT! I walked on the beach in the salt water, listening to it splash onshore (bundled up in my parka and ExtraTuffs!) Still, the sun was out and it was great!

Rannyjean, Becky and Karen in MN, and Karol, you gals really made me laugh and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! :)

Tina - -take me with you!!!

Snoodles, you are a genius! I have a pic of a warm looking ocean, but never thought of looking at webcams! And I have one!

Tessahjake, I have been converting friends into bloggers (abracadabra, you are now a *blogger*) and that's been really fun. Good idea to get in touch with old friends.

Both Sues in Australia, I almost want to trade houses with you gals but I *die* at temps over 75 degrees (23-24 C) - - let's meet in the middle - - say, Hawaii?

Jackie - -I used to live in Indian Rocks Beach as a kid - -Gulf coast, south of Tampa/St.Pete. I've often thought of going back to see all the changes, but then again, I like remembering just how it was when I was growing up there :)

Here's a view of the harbor, I walked to about where the coal terminal starts (the blue thing in the center of the photo) and here's a coal tanker coming in as I was out for my walk.

Okay quilters: Rannyjean was the first name pulled, so she gets first choice of the bundles of fabric in the photo below and Jodi was the second name so she gets the bundle that Rannyjean doesn't pick! Karen in MN, you made me laugh the hardest (and it was your wading pool in the living room that made me think of putting sun tan lotion on just to smell it!). I need your addresses all three and I'm going to find something to put a smile on Karen in MN's face!

I feel so cheered up by everything that you all said. I did some blog hopping and found a few blogs where the gals are keeping track of their exercise goals and weight loss and that was a great motivator too! I am really happy that even though I am stuck in the back of beyond physically, I get to visit with wonderful people from all over the world. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Rannyjean and all the other winners! And cheers and high fives all around...we really know how to cheer up, don't we?! :) So glad you are feeling better - if it happens again, you put on the suntan lotion and point your mouse to this link and enjoy! One of these days I'll get down there!
Jacque in SC

MMM said...

Ohhhh, nice beach. Great link! But only 57 degrees there! I am frozen solid. I need all 70 degrees and more to thaw out.

How about this one on Waikiki? I know, Waikiki is crowded, but nothing beats watching the hula dancers while sitting on the balcony as the sun sets on a gorgeous 77 degree day :)

Where's the link to the travel agent...I am *outta* here!

tessahjake said...

Congrats ladies -
I lived north of Tampa for several years before relocating to Alaska. Inverness FL....I also practically wilt at temps over 75. I am heading back next month to visit my dad who was just diagnosed with a very aggressive form of Stage IV cancer. Trying to keep my chin up and stay busy - or the distance irritates me every minute!!!!

MMM said...

(((Tessajake))) I am sorry about your dad. Staying busy & chin up is a good plan. I always clean when I am worried about something...just keeps my hands & body going through motions. Hang in there! Our thoughts & prayers are with you both.
~ Marguerita

jodi said...

OMG I think it is me who won the second bundle! How exciting! What great ideas yo all have. It's raining like crazy here the last 2 days, and I found out I am transferring back to Minnesota in just 2 weeks now, so franticlly packing. but there's always room for a little more fabric lol. Look forward to hearing from you on the details.

Rannyjean said...

Wow! I won? Oh my, I am so happy.
Tessha, I will be praying for your dad. Wilt? I lived in Phoenix for 22 years, oh yuck! Hawaii sounds nice!

MMM said...

Congrats Rannyjean, Jodi and Karen in MN! And many thanks for everyone's comments :)

Jodi & Karen, I need your addresses please, send to :)

Granny's Closet said...

way to get out and walk. sometimes a different site can change things.
and it looks like you had a nice day.