Saturday, March 1, 2008

Cheap Fixes for Sewing and Quilting

Here's my solution for using cone thread with a DSM (domestic sewing machine). I bought a cheap toilet tank repair kit at the hardware store (I just love it there - almost as much as my LQS - local quilt shop) and I used this long part with the loop, taped to the top of the sewing machine to guide the thread off the cone. Works like a charm! If you are wondering what's up with the blue foam insulation - click here to learn about my homemade quilting desk.

This is the paper backing on the clear vinyl that I covered my homemade sewing table with. It is supposed to be window covering for storm windows or something like that (I have no idea) but it's slicker than an icy sidewalk after a downpour! Very slick. Meaning that no matter how heavy your quilt is (and I've made flannel quilts with Warm & Natural batting ~~ heavy enough to sink a skiff) the fabrics just glide over this surface like melted butter. No kidding.

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Casey &Val Bonk said...

Hi, my name is Val from Iowa. I just read your blog after seeing GE Design site. I love how you made your quilting table. I have just taken a machine quilting class and am new to machine quilting. My husband and I do woodworking for a living and I think the idea is just wonderful. Thanks so much and I will check out your blog again.