Friday, March 28, 2008

Sharing Information on

I am, at times, overwhelmed with what is available for free on the internet. Squidoo is interesting to me because they give you a nicely formatted place to share information on subjects that you are passionate about - and they give you a choice of donating any profits from the page you create to charity.

I am pretty passionate about some aspects of quilting and I like to share information for free and I am a firm believer in helping others. looks like a good fit for me. Unlike a blog, where after about a week a post is lost in Label/Archive limbo - my topic is always there, easy to find and always available for anyone looking for it. That's kind of neat :)

If you are passionate about a subject and you want to share it with the internet world, head on over there and create what they call a 'lens'. Here's mine on different machine quilting systems.

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