Saturday, March 22, 2008

Quilting Tools that I Love

I just love anything that makes my sewing and quilting easier, and these 2 things do exactly that: Joan Hawley's Tips DVD and Prym-Dritz curved nickel pins in a size 1.

The first time I saw Joan at Quilt Market, with her booth & business sign that said "Lazy Girl" I stopped in my tracks. Here was a woman I could relate to! I watched her Tips DVD yesterday and it renewed my respect for Joan and my love of her tips. This DVD is mostly about zippers (she uses them in quite remarkable ways on several of her handbag patterns). Lots of sewers are afraid of zippers and Joan removes all the stupid rules I learned in home-ec, back when girls had to take home economics and girls had to wear skirts and dresses to public school (I'm old!). Joan's DVD shows how to put in zippers faster than putting on a binding, and easier too.

While I was watching the DVD I was also doing the boring task of pinning my squares for a new quilt. I had a few bad pins and I opened up a brand new package of Prym Pins. Heaven. Bad pins are worse than useless (into the scrap bin they went) because they pull at the fabric and distort the smoothness I worked so hard to get! These new pins were smooooooth and sweet and between them and watching Joan, made a boring task better.

BTW, if you like the background fabric on the pins photo, it's Cherrywoods hand dyed fabric from their 'Chestnut to Light' colorway. That's what I am working on now.


Joan Hawley, Lazy Girl said...

Hi Marguerita,

Thank you for your lovely comments about my work and my Tips DVD. It means a great deal to me.

My best,

MMM said...

Hiya Joan!! Thanks for stopping by! I love your bags and your style (reminds me of the Barefoot Contessa - I just love her show!). Best Wishes to you & hope to see you in Portland in May.

swooze said...

I hate dull pins. I have finally learned the habit to just toss them if they aren't smooth going into the fabric anymore!