Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Ringsurf Problems - the Blog Ring Links don't work

I am sorry to say that the blog rings on RingSurf are not working. I have been testing them on & off all day and finally have contacted them and am awaiting a reply. I know that the rings have been down for about a day so far and I can't wait any longer for them to fix things without posting about it.

I love surfing the rings - I find some great blogs that way! Update: I created a tutorial on how to create a new blog ring here and here. It's easy and I enourage everyone on ringsurf to change over and replace their ring on Click Here


Anonymous said...

Marguerita, it looks like a new system. When I clicked on the icon on my blog, it took me to a main RingSurf page where I could click on a link to members' sites and then click "next" on each one consecutively. I kind of like this system in a way because I've found not all members have the icon on their blogs from which to link to the others' sites.

SandyQuilts said...

Yes they are having problems.

I personally perfer using google alerts ....