Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quilt Photography

I have a good set up for hanging small quilts for photography. It's a rolling clothing rack (about $12 at Walmart) and yards of stiff poly fleece (this is not the soft jacket style fleece) draped over it and 2 chunks of rigid foam insulation (my favorite building material!).

I used silk pins - they have almost no head - to pin straight through the quilt, fleece and into the chunk of foam.

There is very little distortion to the quilt (it would be better on a flat wall, I know this, but I don't have the space) making it a good compromise.

I was surprised that the whole lap sized quilt was able to be suspended by just the fleece, so the pins really just perform the task of keeping it straight and keeping it from falling off while I am trying to take the picture.

Holly Knott shares her very helpful tips for quilt photography here.


Holly said...

Using that cart is a great idea. Can you post a pic of exactly how you have the fleece and foam set up? I can't picture how they attach to the cart itself.

If you put the pins in on angle, angled down, the quilt definitely shouldn't fall off. And you can edit them out in Photoshop when you're done! ;-)

MMM said...

I know, I have a hard time explaining it and photographing it. The rolling cart has 1 top bar (like a closet rod) that the fleece is draped over (just fling it over the top & let it fall off the other side). Pin on either side (just to keep it from sliding one way or the other) and the pin goes straight through the quilt (in the binding), through the fleece and into the chunk of foam. The best pic I could manage is the long, tall one.