Monday, April 7, 2008

I did it!

There's nothing like a deadline to motivate me, and I am willing to admit it: I am a procrastinator.

I knew that I could make the quilt in a day, and I still waited until noon to re-start the project. In between sewing I had a few other chores, and took off an hour to watch "Sense and Sensibilities" but I finished the quilt at 11:49p.m last night (Sunday night).

It's really pretty and my photos don't do the fabric justice.

The layer cake squares arrived already cut into 10"x10" squares and wrapped with stiff cardboard (no ironing necessary!) so I was able to just sort and cut ~ sweet! Thanks Fat Quarter Shop and Jolly Jabber for putting me back into fabric mode!

This small quilt (36" x 45") is made with:
1 Layer Cake of Simplicity Fabric from the Fat Quarter Shop (a layer cake is 40 squares cut 10" x 10") for the top and back and
1 yard of Simplicity Tonal Pink Garden for the sashing and binding. The cutting and quilt-as-you-go instructions are from our book, Crazy Shortcut Quilts.

Confession: I usually preview the layout of the fabrics on the back of the quilt as well as the front, but I let time get away from me and never even looked. So, it's a jumble, with similar fabrics next to each other instead of spread out and balanced. Guess what? It's just as warm and cuddly either way - all in all a pretty nice quilt! :)


Laura said...

Love it! Great job! It's such a sweet quilt!

Anonymous said...

Marguerita, it's beautiful! It's romantic and feminine!

We watched Sense & Sensibility too. Have been watching the entire series.


MMM said...

Thank you both!