Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Commercial Fishing and the Cabana Family

This season has been a difficult one so far and every day I dread more bad news. Last night Tom called and said that they were coming in because the skiff (with it's brand new thousands of $$ outboard) had been swamped. In salt water. It was less than 36 hours old, and all the breakdowns that lead up to it's unexpected purchase...well I won't bore you with the depressing details.

In the middle of these miserable events, my heart was gladdened by the people who are our biggest competitors on the water - the Cabana family. Fishing is very competitive. I've been side by side with their boats, fighting for the fish, trying to out catch them and they try and beat us. That's the nature of this work. But the second that they saw Tom's skiff underwater they cut throttle, disconnected lines and came racing over to help. That is the Alaskan way and their family is one I admire.

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Granny's Closet said...

All I can say is OH NO on the skiff being swamped and the $$'s--I understand. The money that goes out to make boats/skiffs everything run--MY heart goes out to you. Thanks goodness there are still people out there that will lend a hand.