Sunday, June 1, 2008

Mending the Seine

Here's Tom and crew David and James, mending the jitney seine on Sunday afternoon. We loaded the seine onto the jitney first thing this morning (no pics, I was too busy keeping the seine straight and free from snags) and then mended the net after that. (When we got to a bigger hole I dropped my part of the web and grabbed my camera for a few shots.) We use the powerblock on the big boat (the big boat is the F/V Dolly B) to lift the seine high enough to see holes, and then Tom mends as we go through the net. Then we put the seine back onto the jitney and checked her over for tomorrow's opener. The jitney is tied up to the big boat, just on the other side.

On the far side of the harbor is the cruise ship dock, with a ship in for the day. Seward usually only gets one cruise ship at a time, but there are rare days when there are two of them tied up, side by side, and they just dwarf the entire harbor.

This year I'll be working a desk job while the guys and boats are out fishing. I'm pretty sure I am going to miss being in on the action. It's very hard work, but it's wonderful to work outside, on the water. On the other hand, they are stuck on the boat while I have my sewing machine set up in the living room - happily sewing and quilting and watching PBS specials on TV.

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