Saturday, June 7, 2008

Funky Shortcut Quilt

I thought of a name for my new quilt..."Funky Shortcut". I've wanted to try this harlequin type of cutting arrangement for a while, and I really, really love it with these fabrics!


Deb H said...

Yowsa! What a fun combo! I probably have a little bit somewhere of that Aussie challenge fabric. Do you need it?

swooze said...

I love that look too! So neat!

Nicole and Phil said...

this will look fabulous!
The black and white can be tricky to work with when they make your eyes go cross eyed! (I know this, because I am working n 2 black and white quilts, and have a few fabrics that are doing the same thing! LOL

Roslyn Atwood said...

Did you have a pattern to guide you in the diamond cutting/sewing? It's nice & geometric without being too much.

MMM said...

Hi Roslyn,

I am adapting two of the quilt designs from our book "Crazy Shortcut Quilts" to make this funky quilt. I am using the size of the 'Easy to Go Crazy' quilt (9 fat quarters) and using the cuts from the 'Think Pink' quilt (a sort of XX cut).

I've been wanting to try this cutting design for years! My daughter Sarah made the 'Think Pink' quilt (in the book) for the Quilt Pink Cancer Auction and I've just loved the design ever since she showed it to me.