Friday, April 17, 2009


I love inspiration! I get it from quilt shows, group chats and PEOPLE! I meet a lot of people online and I love that so much - I *love* getting emails from new and old friends :)

I also read a lot of books (paper and and electronic). I've read Jack Canfield's books The Aladdin Factor, Goals, The Success Principles. They gave me great inspiration and I re-read them regularly, but on the recommendation of a friend, I bought Book Yourself Solid.

I am hoping to do some traveling and teaching in the future and this book is helping me in that goal as well as sparking some great ideas! (I'm also reading online A Brief Guide to World Domination.)

Alaskans in my area are keeping a weather eye on our erupting volcano, Mt. Redoubt. This is a webcam aimed at the building lava dome.

Redoubt is a pain in the neck. She's disrupting air travel and making everyone up here nervous about ash and winds and more ash. {I was very tempted to call her a pain in the ash!} But, I never argue with Mother Nature, she gives me the best inspiration of all! What inspires you? What do you read for inspiration?


Sarah said...

I like to watch movies for inspiration. The little details like the wallpaper in the background in a scene or the tiles on the floor make me want to spend the rest of the night sewing. Also, visiting all the little art galleries downtown is quite inspiring.

Judy Wedemeyer said...

Words, photos, nature, music - they all inspire me, but more than anything, just being in my creative space (studio) is where the juices really start flowing. I dig around my unfinished projects, pull out beads or buttons, whatever... and just start playing. Setting goals and having deadlines helps me also.

Rannyjean said...

The beach, heart ache, grandchildren and the talking quilts themselves! I can empathize with you living as close as we do to Mt. St. Helens!

tessahjake said...

My inspiration is really boring... the quilt stores. I spend hours looking at fabrics and getting ideas. New inspiration - quilt blogs!!! Oh I posted pics on my blog to go with the latest post :)