Saturday, April 4, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

We are at it again! This is part of the ongoing saga of a small (poorly insulated) house in Alaska and my never ending love of changing things. It is only slightly quilting related because I *may* be moving my quilting stuff to another part of the house soon (as in: out of the living room, bedroom and garage :)

We started with a "sort out" of stuff that's been untouched since dinosaurs roamed Alaska, and have moved on to insulating. Have I ever mentioned how much I hate fiberglass insulation? I love the foamboard insulation (as you might have seen in my Cheap Sewing & Quilting Table Tutorial) but oh how I hate fiberglass! I start itching the minute I even *think* about fiberglass!

I've insulated before, helping friends, then insulated my two cabins that I bought (and sold) here in Seward, and slowly we've been insulating Tom's old house. See me covered head to toe when I was doing one of the cabins? LOL! A (former) friend had promised to come help me and never showed, so I did it all myself, from ceiling to walls, and vapor barrier too. The folks at the local home improvement store know me by name! I propped my little camera up on a stump and put the self timer on to take this pic - I was so proud of myself for getting that job done!

Have you gotten the spring cleaning bug?


Rannyjean said...

I know the feeling of owning a home with no insulation, ours here in Washington is like living on a glacier in the winter. Have you checked into the new denim insulation? It is comparitive in price to fiberglass without the itch. I have tried spring cleaning here and there!

Granny's Closet said...

I would love to start spring cleaning--but it is hard with rain and 3 to 4 ft of snow banks yet in the yard. The only thing is maybe this rain will melt down the snowbanks.

Anonymous said...

Spring cleaning...... what is that??? I do plan to do some of that but my plans usually go astray after a few hours.
I retired 13 years ago and said I was going to clean my closet -- guess what -- it still needs a little cleaning.
I love reading your blog. One reason is my maiden name is McManus from South Carolina. I don't see very many folks with this last name on the quilting circuit.
We have visited Alaska and I loved it (only in the summer, though).


Marguerita said...

April 14th - It has snowed twice in the past 4 days and it snowed today. I am so tired of the snow!! The poor daffodils are buried now!

Hi Mary! The McManus name is from an ex-husband :) Have you ever read the books of Patrick McManus - absolutely hilarious.

I am glad you have seen Alaska in the summer because I am *convinced* that we have entered an ice age. I now have no hope of seeing summer ever again!!

Where is that phone number for Alaska Airlines????