Friday, April 10, 2009

My Sewing Studio

Right now my studio is a 9' x 11' bedroom and I share it with a very spoiled pet rabbit. The rabbit doesn't live in a cage, he goes wherever he wants in the house and he believes that the room belongs to him. He lets me in for a while but if I stay too long he nips at me. Then I lock him out :) {See that wire gate behind him?} After about half an hour, I let him back in again and he settles down and lays on the carpet by my feet. This wall has my pegboard with rulers, patterns and anything else I can get to stay on a hook. You can see my cutting table and the storage bins under it, my folding table and some old ironing boards. I used to use them to prop up big quilts before I "invented" my cheap sewing table :)

In this photo you see my lighting and tripod and backdrop for videotaping. Behind the quilt top {Sarahs} are the shelves we built into the closet, after taking the closet doors off. For lighting on the ceiling I have a couple of 4' long florescent fixtures with daylight rated bulbs and I love that. When lighting for video, I use the portable closet rack that you see here, with some clamp lamps that have daylight rated bulbs in them. The brown sewing desk is a recent purchase that houses a vintage Kenmore - and what a find it was! Fantastic stitching and cams that I can't wait to try out.

On this wall are my buckets of scraps, color sorted, and a couple of small tables with threads, bobbins, old Kenmore and bobbin winder among the clutter. In here we have stripped out the old carpet and I primed and painted the floor with a gorgeous milk-chocolate color floor paint. This room is eventually going to become a spare bedroom {Audrey's Room when she visits grandma?} with maybe some of the coloring and drawing supplies on the shelf. Then she will have to share it with Bunny. Won't that be fun?!

On the next wall I have a small design wall stapled to the drywall. I have a few small tops pinned to it, reminding me that they need to be quilted. The bins have my threads, sorted by color and by thread type, the rayons are in the top bins and the cottons in the small bottom bins and in the lowest bins are ribbons, interfacing and other miscellaneous sewing items. My cutting table is covered with stuff and the bins below it have unfinished projects or else fabrics (there are 4 bins total under there).

Next we make a trip upstairs, to the top of the garage, which has been unheated and partially insulated. I've stored rolls of batting up there and other miscellaneous odds and ends, and Tom used it for all of the boat soft gear (sleeping bags, raingear, etc.) as well as years of accumulated family clutter.

Now he's working hard on fixing some problems up there, adding walls, and I've been cleaning, sorting, moving stuff and painting. Here's what one wall looked like before we got started. We work on it between other tasks around the house. When this project is complete I hope to move all my sewing and quilting things up here!

So, there you have it! I invite you to check out some other sewing studios using the link at the top right of my blog and also at Quilt Videos.

If you see anything in the photos that you are curious about, just post a comment or email me and I'd be happy to tell you what it is or why it's there. Also, there are a few things missing - -my sewing table is in the living room right now, along with the machine that I use the most, my Bernina 180. Thank you very much for reading my blog :)


Margaret said...

I thought it was going to be a tiny room with a table with all your fabric piled high and on top a Bernina and above that a bunny, but you fooled us all! Great space.

Linda Zokan said...

What ever would we all do without bins? That reminds me to put more bins on my shopping list. Thanks for sharing your studio with us and I hope your new studio project goes well. Should be really nice when finished. Keep us updated.
Love the bunny!

Ann said...

Thanks for organising the Blog Tour, Margeurita. Great to see your studio and read about your plans and ideas. Inspirational.

MyJourneyBack said...

Oh I loved the tour. I love your little partner too. I love rabbits. I used to have a flemish giant he was adorable I let him wander the house he was very sweet and cuddle. He lived mostly in his really big cage but he loved coming in to play.
I love quilts and I love to quilt so I am glad I found you. I'll be back.

Anonymous said...

You've packed so much stuff into that tiny area! Love the peg board idea. Whatever did we do before clear plastic bins were invented LOL.

Marguerita said...

I have just about *lived* out of those bins! I used to have the colored ones but got tired of always having to look inside to see what was in there! Gave those away and only use the clear ones now, but I *have* to keep all my quilts and fabrics in the bins - bunny sheds like the dickens! Fur everywhere!!

It was a super Tour and I am grateful to everyone for participating and for stopping by to see my mess :)

Yuno said...

Loved the blog post :) Especially the rabbit. A lot of useful info here, hope you earn something from this :)