Friday, January 11, 2008

First overnight stay at grandma's house

Audrey stayed overnight at gramma's house and we both had so much fun! She played a full day of "keep gramma running from room to room" and she had a great round of air-sparring with bunny.

Audrey's idea of fun was to run to wherever the bunny was, every 3 minutes, hollering out "bunny" at the top of her lungs. When she located bunny (who has only 3 or 4 hiding places and isn't used to being searched out) she would do her "bunny dance". This consists of hopping from foot to foot while pointing at bunny and hollering "BUNNY!" and laughing.

After about 5 hours, bunny decided to take action. He advanced on her by a foot! Ohhhhh, did she squeal! And she backed up exactly 1 foot. Hehehehehe, betcha you can see where this is going. Bunny backed her up, through the hallway, the kitchen and into the living room - 12 inches at a time. I about peed my pants laughing so hard. Bunny advance - Audrey squeal - Audrey dance backwards 1 foot - repeat.

But wait, you don't think bunny won do you? She won round 2 when he went back to his room, thinking himself victorious and parked in his favorite spot - the doorway. She danced down that hallway and touched him on the nose!

Ha ha ha ha ha! Bunny jumped a foot into the air and took off to hide behind the bed! Ding. Round three is the weekend of January 19th when Audrey comes back for another weekend. Let's see who wins this time!

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Deb H said...

Very cute. My grandgirls both live outside AK.

So is Bunny actually a Bunny? Or do you have a cat or dog named Bunny?

I had a chidhood friend we called Bunny, her name was actually the same as yours!