Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Storage space under the stairs

Well, the old 8 foot pool table is *GONE*! I can hardly believe it. Sometimes I go downstairs just to check that it really is gone! The pool room is cleaned up and clear of clutter, with new barstools - nice! Tom is going to build a small table to complement the barstools - we have the design all worked out but we need to wait for the logs to thaw for milling.

Tom had to completely knock out all of the stairs to get the slate out of the basement and when he put them back in he reinforced the treads from the underside. Then I started cleaning, sanding and priming. There used to be a closet door on the tall side (he took it off, frame and all) and the angled side used to be closed in with plywood, making the enclosed space virtually useless.

We are going to store all the canning supplies (about 12 cases of jars) way in the back, on rollers so they can be pulled out easily, and then Tom's going to build some shelving. I'd like a small office area, just for typical desk clutter. He is happy just to get the jars out of the way!

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