Friday, January 11, 2008

The X Bag

I read about this bag and saw a photo posted to the website for Stashbusters at Yahoo! I wanted it immediately. I ordered it from Quilterswarehouse through a link on the designer's page Four Corners Designs.

I just love this pattern. I put it together in a few hours, modifying the size (down) to a small purse size instead of the tote bag size in the pattern. The pattern gives specific directions for creating it from 3 types of materials (fabrics, denim and quilted fabrics) which I thought was very cool and the instructions were understandable, with good diagrams.

I chose to make my first one from a tapestry fabric and a cotton print but my next ones will be of our own crazy shortcut quilting technique. I already have a few squares prepared but I wanted to test-drive the pattern first before using up my quilted squares.


redvette6 said...

Today I went to my local quilt store to purchase this X Bag pattern but they were all out. I had the same idea as you to downsize the pattern to smaller bag or purse. I really liked your idea of the crazy quilted one.

KathyinMD said...

I'm trying out this pattern. It says not to sew the bag pieces together, just pin and pretend it's one piece. REALLY????

Marguerita said...

Hi Kathy,

It has been so long ago that I made that bag - - I can't remember much *except* that it was the strangest set of steps, yet it all worked out! I doubt that helps much but take my word for it - if you follow each step and complete it, you will get an amazing "X" Bag :)