Thursday, January 10, 2008

New 9' Pool Table!

Hurray! We have a new to us (used) 9 foot pool table in the basement and the basement floor is cleared of clutter allowing us room to play! How cool is that?! This has been a year (plus) long endeavor and we still have to get the parts of the 8' table out of the basement - no mean feat in itself.

Tom did an absolutely awesome job of leveling and smoothing the table and together we stretched the cloth. It is sweet!

Now the chore is clearing out under the stairs to the basement, knocking out the stairs, suspending the winch from the roof rafters and winching up the single sheet of 4' by 8' (1" thick) slate without breaking it. Then we have to lift (no winching) the base of the table up and out of the basement - all in 1 piece. The ball return is built into the base and there's no taking this baby apart. She went into the basement as a single unit and will come out the same way, about 30 years later. Tom and his brother Steve grew up in the house and learned to play pool on this table.

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