Saturday, January 19, 2008

Round Three - Audrey v. Bunny

When I picked up Audrey in Girdwood today (Sarah and I meet aprox. half way between Seward and Anchorage) I asked Sarah for her advice on fabrics for bindings for both the purple scraps quilt and the reproductions quilt. We talked for a few minutes and I agreed with her choice of a white-on-white for the reproductions, and then I commented that I would hopefully have it finished this weekend. Her laughter was loud and long, and I was slightly offended. Her thought was that if I thought that Audrey would leave me with energy or time to quilt, I was indeed, nuts. And she said so, out loud, between laughs.

I hate admitting that I am wrong, but at 10pm tonight (I drove away with Audrey at noonish) I believe that she may be right. How I managed to raise a child and her cousins being a single parent, I just can't remember. I am exhausted. And bunny just came out of hiding.

Audrey finally fell asleep at 9:30 and the only nap she had was on the drive back to Seward. It was a gorgeous day! We had a fun drive and stopped at the property on the way home to feed the "free" bunnies - and I noticed for the second time that the eagles must have gotten one of the little ones.

At home, Audrey immediately sought out bunny, and found him in his usual spot, in our bedroom (he has his own room, which doubles as my quilting room). She stayed about 4 feet from him, and they had a staredown. She did her dance and he glared, giving me "the look".

If you are a pet owner, you know "the look". It's what you get when you take them to the vet for shots or bring and infant into the home. The "why are you subjecting me to this torture?" look.

They left each other alone for about 4 hours and then had the showdown in the kitchen. Bunny came out to assert himself and he backed Audrey all the way up to the kitchen cabinets, where she squeeled and clung to my leg. Then she took action. When he got close enough (overconfident bunny!) she reached down like lightning and touched him on the back!! Whoooooooooeeeeee! He took off, halfway down the hall, and then stood his ground (they don't call them dumb bunnies for nothing). She just toddled on over and did it again! Off he ran, to hide behind the bed, and Ding! Audrey is the winner of round three!

Gramma's gonna collapse and re-prioritize her quilting and move a few deadlines back (don't tell anyone!).

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swooze said...

Poor bunny! LOL! I love the stories. We do dog rescue and had a pup in the house. My dd was around 6-8 years old. Somehow she figured out this pup loved to play peek-a-boo. She wore him out!