Friday, January 11, 2008

Moving to Seward, Alaska

In 2000 I moved to Seward, after living in Anchorage since 1978. What a change! When I came to Anchorage at the end of the pipeline construction phase the population was just at 100,000 and dropping. After living in an east coast city of millions, it was a refreshing change.

By 2000 the population was close to 225,000 and getting too crowded for me. I had spent from 1990 to 2000 traveling around Alaska, looking for where I'd like to live and enjoying the rest of the state. I'll write about the places I've visited, from Fairbanks in the north to Ketchikan in the south, from Crooked Creek in the west to McCarthy in the east, the roads I've driven, ferries I've taken, ports of call and bush flights, and also the places we've fished on the F/V Dolly B. This gal's been around.

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